Sunday, September 12, 2010

Along The Merrimack River

Oil on canvas panel.

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  1. I was alerted to your artwork of the Merrimack River, and upon taking a look thought you might be interested in allowing us to post your river-related artwork on our web site and eNewsletter. Particularly this one:

    Of course we would include a link to your web site if our members and friends would like to view more of your work.

    Unsure if you are familiar with the MRWC, but we are
    an environmental group concerned with the protection and
    sustainable use of the Merrimack River and its Watershed.
    Please check us out online here:
    and of course consider joining to support our work.

    Please let me know at your next chance.

    Thank you, and good luck in your work,

    Merrimack River Watershed Council