Tuesday, October 30, 2012

P&C Head Studies

A couple sketches at the Palette & Chisel in Chicago:

Gouache & charcoal on tone paper. 25 minute pose.

Colored pencil on tone paper. 15 minute pose.


  1. I really do enjoy your work. It's energetic and your likenesses seem right on. The Sargent copy was excellent. I have copied his charcoal drawings. Maybe his paintings should be my next adventure? Thanks for the idea. I like your new profile portrait.

    1. Thanks, L.W. When copying master paintings like Sargent's, I end up learning new things every time. I just keep an open mind and a willingness to do things with drawing and painting that I have not tried before. I trust the master's hand and follow suit even if it's not how I am used to painting or I can't make sense of what is being depicted.

      I just started a new blog of my figure drawings, check it out: www.thefiguringblog.blogspot.com