Sunday, November 3, 2013

TEDx 2013 Sketches

This past weekend I was invited as a guest sketch artist to the annual TEDx event here in NH. While the speakers gave their presentations, I sat next to the stage and captured their likenesses. It was very challenging, but I surrendered myself to the process and ended up with (in my opinion) very successful work. Many thanks to everyone I met for their affirmation and support!

For pictures of the event, check out the following:



 Virginia Prescott

 Sy Montgomery

Felix Warneken

Victoria Arlen

Dick Anagnost

Aaron Tolson

Elaine Hamel

Peter Worrell

Elizabeth Resnick

Kusum Ailawadi

Randolph Langenbach

Dan Habib

Meryl Levin


  1. Incredible work! Wow, wow, wow. Well done.

  2. Nice work Stephen. It is amazing what you did in such a short time for each presenter.